Photographing Wild Horses by Wyoming Photographer Amanda Smith

Written By Amanda Smith - October 16 2013


Trish Schiesser
August 23 2015

Stunning! You captured them just right! I like
your Blog, also. Very well done – everything.
Love what you said about hitting your nose -
Funny Woman . . . hahahahhahahahahahaha!
It gave me pleasure to view this and read the
Blog – I felt included: with you hiding behind
the rocks, hearing their hooves, and they
stopped! I was still there with you, all the way,
and it felt good – so good. You did a beautiful
job. Proud of you, Love, Ma Mere . . . Happy
Birthday Baby, Oh! Yeah!!!! You have reached
far and beyond your “works.” But, I know there
is more inside of you that will, at your age and
further along, come to you and you will break
it all out and reach your epitome. I look forward to that time and hope I am around
to see it all! Your talents are beyond Heaven
and God. I can feel him in all of your photos.
Keep on keepin’ on, Amanda Lee (Lucille) Smith. God bless you.

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